Our experience with the pressure chamber „ The Dive“

After weeks of intensive and nerve-wracking searching on the internet we were sure about one thing: Summit to sea is currently the most affordable manufacturer of mobile hyperbaric chambers for domestic use.


We decided to use the medium sized chamber „ The Dive".


Now there was the huge task of the ordering and importing the chamber into Europe. 

The most expensive part of the chamber, the cover, is produced in France. So, until now the chambers were exported to the USA and then imported back to Europe. This was very confusing and we ended up making many long distance phone calls to the US.


Finally the chamber arrived in our house.


Even so we already knew all the advantages of the chamber from the homepage, we were pleasantly surprised about the quality of the product.

Each part is of high quality and easy to handle. In comparison, we tried another chamber from a different manufacturer during our visit in the USA and I had a hard time closing all the buckles and zippers. Moreover the compressor of "The Dive" is more quiet.


The operating of the chamber is easy to understand even if one has not much technical knowledge. Since I was the one mainly operating the chamber, the most important thing for me was an easy handling for the safety of our son.  

We had our doubts about getting spare parts in case some parts would break. However, since October 2009 we are in direct contact with the manufacturer and meanwhile we are working as mediators for interested costumers within Europe. Since that we have a spare part depot here in Schweinfurt and got competent instructions in order to offer quick help.


In addition, we were able to simplify the mailing of spare parts with lower shipping and import costs. We want to help all affected families to save time and money!


Via our homepage you will be able to find a collection of studies about the pressure therapy. This will help you with filling out the request for grants from any health insurance or donations.    


Therefore, we present our arguments for the purchase of the "Summit to the sea" product

  • Very good price-performance ratio
  • High quality
  • Very user friendly
  • Advice in german or english
  • Easy ordering process
  • Assistance with the import to Europe
  • Assistance with the request for grants from any health insurance or donations from collections of study reports

We are looking forward to your questions


Ruth Tellert-Weigand