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The pressure chamber’s Summit To Sea , LLC characteristics

The strap buckles:

The manufacturer choose the safest and most comfortable strap buckles available on the market.


Outside support to stabilize the chamber from moving away:

The supports can be connected via buckle with the chamber. It is very easy to remove the air for easy transportation and storage.



The extra quiet engine and it's sound insulation makes for a restorative and relaxing dive. The engine is very compact and has a long and strong operating endurance. Furthermore, the engine is easy to transport and has rubber vibration dampers on the bottom. The corresponding electrical plugs will be included.



Very light and stable. The frame is plastic, to avoid the charge of heavy metals.


Pressure gauge:

The pressure gauge is very accurate and measures in millibar units and the depth of the dive. Usually the gauge is mounted on the outside of the chamber, but if desired one can order an extra gauge to measure the inside pressure. 



The surface of the mattress is washable. Also, the mattress is very comfortable and foldable for easy transportation. If you order the medium or big version, it will be delivered with the package.


The outer skin :

The urethane which is covered with nylon material is being manufactured in Germany. The outer cover lets sunlight shine through easily, which makes the inside chamber nice and bright. It is bright enough in the chamber to read or do other things.



The windows gives clear view.



The air tight zipper keeps the air pressure secure inside the chamber. A second zipper keeps the chamber intact from the outside. The zippers and the strap buckles can also be operated from the inside of the chamber, which means one can operate the chamber with only one person.


Instruction manual:

Each chamber comes with a training DVD in english.



With the experience of more then twenty years, the experts of the chamber Summit To Sea , LLC have managed to developed a product of high quality. The pressure chambers meet all expectations from today, tomorrow and the future- for a reasonable price.