About us

For many years now my husband and I have been working in the medical field as intensive care nurse and as a doctor. We also use every opportunity to stay up-to-date with new medical studies and methods.


Back in fall of 2008 our son Tobias got sick with encephalitis. During the acute phase of his  illness we were scared but always full of hope.


As we approached the rehabilitation phase we quickly learned to our dismay how helpless and hopeless the german health system really is.  Especially in the field of neurological rehabilitation the pessimism is all to common.


After many hour of very intense internet research we finally found an institution which gave us great hope: The Family Hope Center in Philadelphia .  


The Hope Center did not treat our son as a hopeless case. Their stimulation methods and methods to improve the brain structure were all new to us. They gave us renewed hope for a healthier future for Tobias.


We were able to learn about the unbelievalble results of the HBO-therapy on our first visit at the Hope Center. Tobias was more relaxed and his whole body was less tense.


Back home we quickly came to a decision- we wanted to make it possible for Tobias to continue the HBO-therapy.




  • In the surroundings from Unterfranken, where we live there was no official producer of HBO-therapists anywhere
  • The low-pressure chambers we found on the internet were very expensive with prices starting at 18.000 Dollars
  • The metal HBO-chambers we found within germany were only developed for clinical use
  • The ordering from the USA was complicated with extra paperwork, transport complications, high costs of extra taxes ... and even for us english speaking folks more complicated then ever anticipated. Numerous e-mails and phone conversations were necessary to finally straighten out the paper formalities.

But now, we are finally the lucky owners of a wonderful HBO-chamber. Since Summer 2009 we own the „The dive" from Summit To Sea with 1,5 ATA.

  • We use our chamber daily, it is very easy to operate. We are very happy with the chamber and came to trust it completely.   

For families in Europe we found a moneysaving and much easier way to order the chambers Since October 2009 we are offering help for anybody who wishes to purchase a chamber.

  • We would be more than glad to assist you to decide which size you will need and we can offer studies to help discussing with the health insurances.
  • We found a way with the American company Summit To Sea to keep cost for the import to Europe to a minimum, by shipping most of the parts directly from the manufactory in France.
  • Meanwhile the American company calls us their spokes person for sales through out Europe. 

It will be our pleasure to assist you by ordering the chamber. You don't have to waste your time and energy on endless paper work and calls to USA, but can put your full attention to your family.


We are looking forward to answer any questions and would be happy to exchange experiences with you.


Ruth Tellert-Weigand and Jürgen Weigand